Mechanical + Electrical Engineers

We believe in asking the right questions
Since our inception in 1995, CS2 has grown into an industry leader in the markets that we serve. CS2 continually provides cost effective, high quality design solutions.

How we communicate

CS2 is able to hear the needs of the customers and translate them into systems required to achieve a successful project. A CS2 designed system is based on putting the needs of the client first. CS2 remains informed about changes in products, industry conditions and trends and uses this information to compliment the design. CS2 is able to respond with a design that complies with the needs of the owner and that is capable of being implemented at the time of construction. Construction with a focus on quality is essential to every project at CS2, and quality construction starts with quality design. Servicing the client is the foundation of CS2's long term relationships. By providing excellent customer service to clients, owners and vendors, CS2 has developed industry wide respect and loyalty. Solutions provided by CS2 to design issues are complete, cost effective and utilize the most effective new technologies as well as time proven ideas.